National Transport Festival of Wales Show

I was asked by Ashley Lovering to be a photographer for his Classic Car Show.

The show is an annual event run by Ashley and a small team of volunteers, with all takings and donations going to a selected Charity!

The events draw in people from all over the UK and always contains a great selection of vehicles.

I arrived nice and early with my local Mini club (South Wales Mini Club) and was greeted to the show site by the fresh aroma of burning rubber! (from a warehouse fire roughly 2 miles away!) luckily the wind changed pretty quickly and it didn’t waft back over again until everyone was about to leave!

It was a great day out! Cheap refreshments (A rare thing as most show goers would agree!), plenty to see what with a local museum storage center opening its doors to the show attendees to have a wander around and classic bus rides along Swansea Bay, and not only did it not rain, but I think most people went home pink from the Sun!

I didn’t manage to get photos of every car im afraid as spent quite a lot of time talking to various car owners, It took me all day to get to two thirds of the way through! (Great turnout!) and by the time I had gotten that far the far corner of the car park where I was parked had began to empty (people had┬áreceived┬átheir free Model car at the end of the day and tired after a long day) so that signalled the end of play!

The full gallery will be displayed on Ashleys Website:,

Here is the Direct link to the National Transport Festival gallery.

I look forward to attending Ashleys shows in the future and would urge anyone else to do the same!