Alfa 2600 Spyder Photoshoot

This Photoshoot was for the same restoration garage as the Bentley Blue Train.

The owner wanted the photoshoot to look natural (no large spotlights on just the car) but to keep details in the shadowy sections of the car.

This was done using off camera flashes which were carefully balanced with ambient light to result in sharp, detailed images.

The entire body of this sports car is made from lightweight Aluminium and is all made by hand (Yes, every single curve was hand beaten in and smoothed out!)

The panels are then attached to a tubular steel frame to keep things lightweight but sturdy (This is a race car after all).

This was probably my favourite car of the day (Nothing against the others of course!), It’s so low, Sleek lines, and it sounded pretty mean.

Hard to believe that this is a ‘Demonstrator’!