About Ignition Images

Hi, I’m Pete, based in Neath, South Wales (UK).

I have been pursuing my love of Photography and Cars for a number of years.

After having learnt how to correctly light various objects using a proper off camera flash set up in my University course I applied that to a Photoshoot I did of my car.

Since then I have been constantly pushing myself to stay at the forefront of automotive photographic techniques and try to recreate various lighting techniques found in top Automotive magazines.

As a classic/modified car owner I know just how much time and effort goes into restoring and altering your vehicles just how you want them and the feeling of pride you get when looking at your gleaming motor on your drive.

I love the variety of bikes, commercials, cars and the modifications that can be done to them.
Rusted rat cars, bent and buckled drifters, perfectly polished classics, lowered and smoothed euros, sleek rare luxury cars and fire breathing super bikes are all perfect subjects as far as I am concerned!

Why Have A Shoot With Ignition Images?

All Photoshoot packages are a personal service unique to each client.
If you would like more detail shots of a section of the car you love the most or wider shots taken at your favourite location just let me know and I will do my best to cater to these needs.

I am only interested in getting the best images I can get.
If for any reason I am not satisfied with some images from a shoot I will invite you back for a continuation of the shoot (Completely optional of course, but it will cost you no extra and you will get better shots!).

Many people would love their pride and joy spread over the pages of magazines.
Most people send in shots from ‘point and shoot’ cameras along with a quick write up to try and get a Photoshoot.
However if you send in a selection of professionally shot and edited images you are already ahead of everyone else.
Some magazines may even use the images from your shoot as the feature images (They will have to get in touch with me to agree this is ok [and for me to pass onto them the larger print files].), If this does happen then expect a form of thank you to come your way!