1929 Bentley Blue Train Photoshoot

This Photoshoot was for a local restoration garage. Many months were spent painstakingly creating 90% of this car from scratch by their amazing workshop crew.

The owner wanted the photoshoot to look natural (no large spotlights on just the car) but to keep details in the shadowy sections of the car.

This was done using off camera flashes which were carefully balanced with ambient light to result in sharp, detailed images.

This replica of the original Bentley Blue Train is true to the original in every way. Weighing just under 2.5tons, Measuring over 11ft long and powered by a 6.6liter straight 6 engine, this car was a Goliath of the road (And still is!).

The photos were taken on the private lawns of the garage owner shortly before the car was sent away to it’s buyer in Europe.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to get up close and personal with this car and seeing the effort that was involved with each tiny detail. Each bolt polished to as high of a sheen as the glass in the windscreen and every stitch on the interior exactly the same as the next.